Kevin Chege

Director, Internet Development @ Dir. Internet Dev't. ISOC

Kevin Chege joined the Internet Society in 2012 as the Internet Development Manager for Africa under the Africa Regional Bureau. Currently, he is the Director, Internet Development.

Kevin has more than 17 years experience in the tech space, starting at the KENET (the Kenya Education Network Trust) where he served as the Network Manager responsible for IP network design, training, Network Operations and Network Services including managing DNS Services, e-mail, and web hosting on open source platforms.

Kevin is engaged in several projects at ISOC related to technical capacity building, building communities of practice, Internet measurements and open Internet standards. He helps design technical online teaching content, courses and online labs used to train engineers in several languages. He also helps out as an instructor at various NOGs and NRENs in Africa and has also helped to get several NOGs and tech forums in Africa started. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from USIU-Africa (Kenya), an online certificate on “Learning to Teach Online”, and a Master’s Degree in Information Security from the Lulea University of Technology (Sweden).

He is based in Nairobi, Kenya.